Straight ahead

Imagine a lengthy field of grass that's perfectly cut in straight lines. It doesn’t only look good but it just feels right. That’s why Toadi mows in straight lines. Trimming this way also makes her more efficient. She avoids driving in weird patterns and doesn’t cut the same spot over and over again. This approach makes Toadi up to 60 times more efficient than a classical lawn robot.

Majestically intelligent

But even more complex yards with trees, bushes, and multiple zones will be mowed efficiently. Because Toadi already has a map of the area in her mind, she will calculate what the most economical approach would be to mow it. And she does all of the trimmings, in straight lines. How it should be.

Knowing her paths

If you travel from one zone to another in your yard, you might have to use a stone path, driveway, terrace or long walkway to get there. It’s no different for Toadi. She can use these paths easily too. Knowing that it is a crossing zone and not a mowing area. When there is an unknown path in- between zones, she will ask you permission to cross it.

Coming soon

Mowing in patterns