Special cases  guide.


No visible borders




Not recognizing certain objects

Multiple mowing zones


Stepping stones


 Special case:
No visible borders

Maximum 40cm apart
Small wooden blocks creating visual border max. 40cm apart

A visible cord creating visual border

A cloth creating visual border


You want to exclude certain areas in a certain area where Toadi can't mow because you just planted new grass or have a pond next to it. 

Solution: Create a visual border for Toadi

Picture 1: Small wooden blocks 40cm apart
Picture 2: A visible cord
Picture 3: A cloth separating zones 

These are all different borders for Toadi. There are many possible boundaries you can create. You can order the border from picture 3 cloths through our support department. Just let us know what amount you'd need and we'll send you a quote.  

What's on our roadmap for boundaries? 

In  November 2021  we foresee an update that will make you able to lay a digital boundary wire in the Toadi-app. 

Check the roadmap out

Special case:

Solution 1: a border of at least 50cm

Solution 2: create a visual border for Toadi to not cross


In case you have a pool/pond/water in your garden that doesn't clearly have a border. 

Solution: create a border of 50cm 
Solution 1  (picture of pool): Create a border that distinguishes the grass from the water. We advise to have at least 50cm in between them. 

Solution 2 (picture of pond): Create a border that Toadi can clearly see and cannot cross. We used wooden blocks here but anything that Toadi can see and not go in between is good.  

What's on our roadmap for boundaries? 

In  September 2021  we foresee an update that will make you able to manually mow the borders of your yard (if you can drive Toadi over it safely). 
In  July 2022  semi autonomous border mowing will become available. In  October 2022  autonomous border mowing will be released. 

Check the roadmapout

 Special case:
Narrow passages 

Create a pathway of ideally 3 meters
Borders can have a maximum height of 2cm

Honeycomb mat

Case: passage to cross zones

To go to another zone in your garden, Toadi needs to be able to cross a pathway that is at least 3 meters wide. 

-Create a pathway of ideally 3 meters 
-The pathways' borders can have a maximum height of 2cm
-If there is a gravel pathway, make sure the gravel is firm or in a honeycomb mat

Your passage isn't according to these specs?
Just send us an email via support  with pictures and explanation so we can asses your case and give you guidance on how to make it work.

What's on our roadmap for passages? 

In April 2022 Multi-Zone V1 will become available. This will make Toadi able to cross more narrow passages to go to those other zones.
In May 2020 line mowing will be released. This will make Toadi able to cross narrow passages from around 90cm in width. 

Check the roadmap out

 Special case:
New objects 

Case: found an 'unknown' object

It rarely happens that Toadi doesn't recognize an object. But in case she does, you can help us out! 

You can create a recording of the object via Toadi's camera. This recording will help us help you! We then train Toadi to recognize this new object. 

How to

-Go into the Toadi control panel under ‘remote control’
-Select ‘start movie’ when Toadi is in front of the object

-Now manually drive around to record the object from different angles 
-When you have enough angles, select ‘stop movie’

Once finished please send your serial number to support.

 Special case:

Case:You have multiple mowing zones

It's called multi-zone if Toadi needs to cross a path to go to another grass-zone. If you have multi-zone there are two ways to make it work.

Solution 1: You can drive Toadi manually to the zones

You can drive Toadi yourself to the other zone to let her mow. This is possible when Toadi was able to drive with you, during the installation, to the other zones. 

   - Go to the Toadi App and select “Remote Control” 

     The app will send you to a new webpage 

  - Click on “Controls”

   - In the section “Activities” click on “Start Manual Control”

  - Use the joystick (the purple circle) to control your Toadi
   - Drive Toadi to the second zone
     - Select “Stop Manual Control” and “Release all Emergency stops”
        Toadi will now mow this zone

Solution2 : You can use our remote control service
We offer a remote control service that will aide Toadi in going to the other zones. This way you don't have to manually move your robot.  If you are interested in this easy to use service, please send an email to our support department to receive a quote. 

What's on our roadmap for Multi-Zone?

In April 2022 we will release our first version of Multi-Zone.
Check the roadmap out

 Special case:
Stone pathway


If you have a stone pathway in your garden, Toadi will think that they are an obstacle and will keep a safe distance of it. She will not mow the grass surrounding the 'obstacles'. 


You can manually mow this zone for now when putting Toadi in line mowing. 

What's on our roadmap for stone pathways?

In September 2021 you will be able to mow your borders manually.

In July 2022 semi-autonomous border mowing will become available.

Check the roadmap out