Toadi is a robot mower that doesn't require you to put your hands in the dirt. She requires no installation of a perimeter wire, unlike conventional robotic mowers. With Toadi you are finally free from any lawn chore.

But how does this work?

She has a camera and works on AI. When installing Toadi you'll have to do a walk around your yard. During the walk she gets to know your yard and it's outlines. After that Toadi knows where she can and can't go. 

Smart and helpful.

Toadi is able to drive around in your yard on her own. She detects animals and objects on the lawn and goes around them. And if you've lost a pair of flip-flops at the bottom of the garden for several days, she sends you a photo to let you know. 

She's clean

Toadi has no time to waste. It cuts the grass in a straight line and doesn't need to pass over its path several times. Our smart, self-contained mower can cover the area of a soccer field. It's a true lawn warrior that can tackle even the most difficult surfaces. With its brushless and silent motors, you can enjoy your happy hour without noise pollution.

State-of-the-art safety

Toadi is the only robotic lawnmower that doesn't deprive you of your garden while mowing. Children and dogs can continue to play safely because Toadi is well aware of her surroundings and stays away when she sees movement.