Keeps the ones you love safe

At night

At night

You can go to sleep without having to worry about your belongings. Toadi will stand guard from her docking station and will make sure nobody gets in unnoticed.

With her infrared night vision camera intruders can be spotted and captured up to 98 ft. These pictures will then be sent to your phone so you’ll immediately know whats going on.

During the day

Toadi will do the mowing she’s designed for. This doesn’t mean you’re banned from your yard while she’s working. On a sunny day, kids want to play outside while the dog is probably keeping an eye on them from the cool grass, waiting to make his best move on that frisbee. You even might have a family-picnic idea or a planned BBQ.

Toadi will notice all of you are there and will simply go around. This way you can enjoy without having to worry about being bumped into. Toadi will come closer, but won’t eat up your picnic blanket or the kids’ frisbee.

At day

Toadi is safe too

She looks lovely and sweet, and everyone wants her. But Toadi won't just disappear from your yard. A potential thief will be caught by surprise when the loud alarm goes off in an attempt to lift her. And with the Find My Toadi option, we will help you find your Toadi.