For a sustainable future.

World's first affordable robot.

  • Autonomous. Intelligent, no perimeter wire needed.
  • Obstacle avoidance. Easy, comfort & safe.
  • Multifunctional. Mowing, security & entertainment.
Product video

  • Why? Expedite the transition to a sustainable world.
  • How? By pushing the edge of technology.
  • What? Worker Robot Platforms, Robot Shops, Worker Robot Tools, Worker Robot Services.

Market Traction

Customer Satisfaction

  • “Already a top product! Well done” — Servaes
  • “I keep looking at it and find it’s a wonderful technique…! Way to go!!”— Bas
  • “My Toadi child is already acting so smart in my garden, what will this bring when she grows up!” — Andy

Source: 5 star rating on and on 13/04/2021

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