Wifi Advice.

On installing Wi-Fi to cover your complete yard.

Contact your local IT partner or electrician for the best advise & help on installation.


The tips below are based on what we’ve learned from our customers. We do not earn commission on the links in this article, they are examples. Keep in mind that the reach of each appliance varies with the thickness of walls and obstructions in between.

Ideally for cosy yards.

Wifi for cosy yards
Area Up to 400m2/0.10 acres
Location Indoors
Installation Easy - Plug and play
Type Power over lan
Investment €129/$155


Plug in the sender next to your internet router. Then plug in the receiver in the closest socket next to your yard. Both devices are paired easily. The receiver will send out the Wi-Fi signal for that area.

Powerful solution for medium yards.

Wifi for medium yards
Area Up to 2000m2/0.50 acres
Location Indoors
Installation Medium - Plug and play
Type Router + PoE
Investment €193/$232


The new router can be mounted on the wall closest to your yard. Without obstructions, it can reach up to 183 meters/600 feet. It is powered through a lan cable that is attached to the PoE (power over ethernet) injector. In the schedule your network is being expanded through the power grid.

Original router
Use socket near yard
Hung on closest wall near yard
WIFI installation for medium yards

Powerful solution for Bigger yards.

Wifi for bigger yards
Area Up to 4200m2/1.2 acres
Location Outdoors
Installation Medium
Type Receiver + antenna
Investment €318/$382

Installation Video: How to install

This outdoor solution duplicates your existing internet to an outdoor antenna. This antenna is powered by a PoE adapter. The antenna can be mounted on your wall outdoors, close to your yard.

Original router
Close to yard
Wifi installation for bigger yards
Receiver installed outside