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Toadi Pro
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  • Mow area

    0.6 acres

  • Guard area

    98 ft from charging station

  • Slope



C-3PO Gold

$369 * advance
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Your expected delivery date: April 2021

* We have a waiting list because we cannot increase our production capacity quickly enough due to high demand. Reserve your place on the April waiting list today by paying an advance of 15%. You pay the balance at the end of November, then we’ll order the parts for your Toadi.

Due to the high demand for Toadi and a limited production capacity, we work with a reservation system. The Toadi’s that are ordered now are still scheduled for delivery in April. If they all sell out, the next delivery will be from June/July. You reserve a Toadi by making an advance payment of 15%. The remaining 85% we ask you to pay as of the end of November. After this we will start ordering the parts of your Toadi.


  • Long-lasting battery

    Li-ion battery technology combined with our efficient energy management system to ensure a long-lasting battery life. After 6 years of use we expect the battery pack to still work at more than 70% of its capacity.

  • Dual motors

    Brushless motors, long-lasting and extremely quiet. Dual motors make Toadi go up to slopes of 35% and the Toadi Pro go up to slopes of 45%.

  • Workhorse

    Toadi maintains 0.6 acres of lawn and secures up to 1.8 acres, while Toadi Pro maintains 1.2 acres of lawn and secures up to 3.6 acres.

  • Silent whisper

    Zen, relax, silent: <50dB.